Sea Horse Ranch

We offer the most exclusive villa rentals and the only COUPLES rentals available in one of the most exclusive and sought after oceanfront communities on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Sea Horse Ranch.  Our collection of villas and suite rentals allow you to rent a suite rather than the entire villa and this saves you hundreds of dollars compared to the traditional villa rental.  Yes, our philosophy is simple- why pay $600 to over $2,000 per night when you can pay between $99 to $365 per night?  SG Resorts International has just made luxury vacation villas “affordable” to the average vacation traveler and has changed the way the world goes on vacation.  

Sea Horse Ranch “ An Oceanfront Gated Private Resort Community"  

SG COUPLE rentals become the smart alternative to the savvy  vacation traveler who seeks the luxury and unique vacation experience but demands affordable rates.  Google Sea Horse Ranch and you will discover that not only is it one of the most sought after and exclusive destinations on the entire North Coast of the Dominican Republic but its ranking and reviews on TripAdvisor are outstanding.  So if you are seeking an dream vacation destination at one of the highest ranked resort properties on the entire North Coast of the Dominican Republic, our COUPLES Vacation Option becomes your most affordable booking option for your next vacation to Sea Horse Ranch.  


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