At SG RESORTS we stive to make the unaffordable affordable and we accomplish our mission with our new “Couples Vacation Plan”.  It is a new booking plan that allows couples, friends, and groups to travel together and share the otherwise unaffordable rental rates between a group of couples who enjoy vacationing together.  The concept is simple and easy to understand.  Most people can’t afford a vacation rental of $3,000 per night regardless how spectacular the property or rental may be BUT when you travel with other couples or friends the unaffordable becomes affordable.  

Villa Lazy Heart is a 10.5 acre oceanfront estate located in one of the most prestigious resort communities on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  In fact, Bill Gates recently rented a neighboring Villa for his family vacation not that long ago.  Now consider the rental rate of $3,000 per night may be nothing for someone like Bill Gates but for you it may be a challenge or simply something you dream about but may never be able to afford or be willing to pay.  Now, consider that Villa Lazy Heart has a total of ten (10) luxury suites available for the enjoyment of those who can affort to book the entire rental property by themselves, the Bill Gates kind of people, who don’t consider $3,000 per night very much to spend for a 10.5 acre oceanfront estate home with its own private beach, tennis court, and riding stables. 

Now, thanks to SG RESORTS,  you can enjoy the same lifestyle of the Bill Gates in this world and you can share your vacation experience with nine other couples who may also enjoy the vacation lifestyle of the RICH & FAMOUS.  It is all in the math and when logic takes over the otherwise “unaffordable” becomes “affordable”.  Consider the nightly rental rate of $3,000 per night shared among ten couples is only $300 per night per couple.  Now you are looking at an affordable rate that is not that different from most Hotel Rates at many five star hotels around the world. 

Do you see how it works? When you travel with other couples you have buying power and you can truly vacation at destinations you previously could only dream about and this is why we say: “SG RESORTS offers Affordable Dream Vacations”.  SG Resorts is creating a data-base of Couples that not only enjoy traveling to exotic destinations but love to save money when doing so.  SG Resorts is the underwriter of several vacation clubs and programs in the United States and now SG Resorts has created the first “Couples Club” where you, as a couple, can vacation at exotic destinations which would be otherwise “unaffordable” if you attempted to book by yourself. 

We invite you to register online at any one of our two villas designated as the SG Couples Villas.  Check out both our luxury villas on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and discover what awaits you as a member of the new SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club Couples Travel Program.  Villa Lazy Heart and Villa Cabofino are being transformed and will be ready for your booking in 2019.  It starts by getting your name on the Couples Mailing List and it end with you making the otherwise unaffordable affordable for you as a member of the SG Resorts family of vacation lovers. 

  WatermarK Boutique Hotel 


Couples Resort Take-Over at Watermark.  We also offer a complet Couples takeover of our  boutique hotel, WatermarK, located just steps from the ocean on Kite Beach.  WatermarK is a four story boutique residence hotel with a total of eight two bedroom suites each with it own oceanfront patio.  Couples traveling together will love Watermark and the night life of Cabarete and Puerto Plata.  Every Couples takeover comes with a complimentary day at the SG Resorts Horseback Riding Ranch where guest will experience a ride up the mountain or on the beach in Puerto Plata. 


Sea Horse Ranch -  represents one  of the most private and exclusive vacation destinations within the North Coast’s most popular gated resort community with 24hr security. Our villa rentals at Sea Horse Ranch are now open and available for couples who enjoy traveling together.  Private Luxury Villas available for three to six couples at rates low enough to make “Not Booking”, not an option.

Our competition at  Sea Horse Ranch offers rates that most average people can’t afford and for that reason we give you links to our competition and neighbors to see what you can become a part of when you rent from us.  You can pay thousands to rent from our competitors or you can pay a few hundred and rent from us.  The choice is yours but at the end of the day you enjoy the exact same resort, the exact same  distinctive amenities including first-class Equestrian Center, Tennis Club, seaside pools along with a gourmet restaurant and Beach Club.  A perfect mix of Caribbean elegance and island laissez-faire welcomes you to the best private villa rentals in the Caribbean.

Call our Villa Expert (Mr. Ian Shopsis) at (809) 722-7734.  This is his personal cell phone which he shares with all of his guests in case of an emergency or in the event you need something when on vacation with us.  This is something our competition does not share becaue they keep office hours while we strive to keep you happy and coming back time after time.  If you enjoy the best at the most affordable rates, call Ian.  If you don’t mind spending thousands more, call our competition and hopefully either way we will see you in the pool, restaurant, or Club House when you vacaiton at Sea Horse Ranch. 

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